Alternate Theory

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The Prezi presentation attempts to embody (had to, sorry!) Vivian Sobchack’s “dynamic and free-flowing nature of the interaction between filmmaker (or film or director)” and various spectators. As I plan to link this with Vertov’s manifesto about the kino-eye, the critical aspect of the presentation is the way in which the presentation transitions between each of the people viewing the film clip. The establishing shot is a wide-shot of the three participants sat in auditorium waiting for the film to start. Next, the perspective zooms towards Dziga. The subsequent two transitions – from Zdiga to the film screen, and then back to Dziga – aim to signify this dynamic interaction taking place between spectator and film. Similarly, the process repeats itself with slight variations for Vivian and Laura. These variations are important because they suggest a heterogeneity in the way the film and the spectators interact with each other. The viewer can note these in how the presentation transitions to a close-up of Vivian and an extreme close-up of Laura after they watch the clip in the film. The change in zoom types is the only way I could figure out how to demonstrate this heterogeneity through these transitions.

To make sure this characteristic of phenomenology is not lost in stylistic gimmickry though, the different colored arrows demonstrate the different dynamic interactions taking place between each of the viewers.

Side Note: The film clip choice is more of an excuse to promote one of my favorite films, but it also lends itself to Laura Marks’ concept of “haptic visuality.” I stumbled upon this rather wonderful video essay that evocatively explores this concept in Terrence Malick’s films. (