About the Site

@ Terminal Cinema is my attempt to curate my thoughts about individual films as well as the collective power of cinema. The different pages at the site – Bollywood Platform, Hollywood Station, and Foreign-Language Depot – all attempt to tackle my take on individual films. These will mainly consist of my reviews on contemporary cinema – especially, Bollywood and Hollywood.  As I don’t get the same level of access to Foreign Language films, this section may include reviews of films that are perhaps older. The format of these reviews, however, will still generally be the same as that for the Bollywood and Hollywood sections – consisting of only minor spoilers for the films so that the written piece can be accessed either “before” or “after” you watch the film.

The nodal point section in the film, similarly, attempts to stay away from major spoilers, and sometimes even from talking about the plots of individual movies. Instead, I use this section to talk about the commonalities and differences between some of my favorite films. These written pieces do not provide an in-depth analysis of my favorite films but offer more of an introduction to talking about films as a collective. Here, the boundaries of verbal language play no role, and the focus is very much on the thematic language.

The purpose of all these sections, though, is to offer a platform where I can learn more about the medium I love so dearly, inform you more about some films you probably have not seen, and encourage a healthy discussion about films that you have.